GWT Offers Omgeo CTM Matching Service to Leading Financial Institutions in Japan

Firm to use TradeFlow™ platform from Fiserv to implement and support Omgeo CTM for Japanese broker/dealers

[Tokyo, Japan – September 1, 2011] Omgeo, the global standard for post-trade efficiency, and Global Winning Technologies Corporation (GWT), a leading provider of global financial services technology solutions, announced today that GWT is now providing implementation and support capabilities for Japanese broker/dealers who wish to leverage the central matching capabilities of Omgeo Central Trade ManagerSM (Omgeo CTM) via TradeFlowTM from Fiserv, a multi-asset, post-trade processing solution.

By adopting the Omgeo CTM and TradeFlow link, GWT’s clients can centrally match trades executed on the TradeFlow platform, thereby improving same day affirmation rates, reducing operating costs and decreasing trade failures. Same day affirmation, or SDA, is the agreement of all trade details on trade date (T+0). Omgeo Research has shown that firms who embrace SDA often benefit from improved settlement efficiency, an important foundation in markets with shorter settlement cycles. In Japan, regulatory rules require market participants to verify their trades and to publish the Net Asset Value (NAV) for most domestic funds by 6:30 p.m. JST on the day the trades are executed (T+0). This has resulted in Japan having one of the highest SDA rates in the world, at 96.8 percent respectively. As a result, Japanese firms often benefit from reduced risk and costs, as trades move more quickly to settlement.

In addition, with this partnership, GWT will help to facilitate the migration of Japanese broker/dealer clients from Omgeo OASYS GlobalSM, a legacy post-trade solution that leverages a sequential workflow, to the central matching benefits of Omgeo CTM where SDA rates are much higher. With Omgeo CTM via TradeFlow from Fiserv, GWT’s broker/dealer clients achieve increased efficiency, enabling them to process a greater number of trades while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

Yukio Sakamoto, President of GWT, said, “We are excited to be offering the new Omgeo CTM via TradeFlow from Fiserv to the Japanese market, and look forward to partnering with both firms to bring increased levels of operational efficiency to our clients.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with GWT on launching the Fiserv and Omgeo solution in Japan. This local market partnership will enable us to support our community’s adoption of Omgeo CTM even more effectively. With the Fiserv TradeFlow and Omgeo CTM offering, Japanese clients will be embracing a workflow that is far more efficient than local matching, reducing risks and costs,” stated Yuji Tanaka, Representative Director at Omgeo K.K.


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Omgeo creates certainty in post-trade operations through the automation and timely confirmation of the economic details of trades executed between investment managers and broker dealers. Every day Omgeo enables an efficient community of more than 6,000 financial services clients in 46 countries to manage matching and exception handling of trade allocations, confirmations, and settlement instructions. Omgeo has also extended its trade lifecycle coverage to include counterparty risk management, which supports end-to-end collateralization and reconciliation across multiple asset classes. Leading organizations rely on Omgeo to help manage an increasingly complex investment industry by providing operational stability and solutions that complement the focus on profitability in an era of escalating trade volumes. Across borders, asset classes, and trade lifecycles, Omgeo is the global standard for operational efficiency across the investment industry. Formed in 2001, Omgeo is jointly owned by the DTCC and Thomson Reuters.

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